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Wholesale Sunglasses Sources for Retail Vendors – Part 2

Now that you know that a profitable market niche exists for retail vendors who buy wholesale sunglasses of replica designer styles, you will have to research sources. While buying wholesale sunglasses to your retail business, visit and browse through a competitor’s product selection, first creating a mental note of those brands that they carry. Then, your research must include seeing three kinds of wholesale sunglasses providers.

Wholesale sunglasses maker: some producers sell directly to retailers, at wholesale rates, in large quantities, or in a high minimum order. Contact makers of this item you wish to sell and ask if they sell directly to dealers and should not, which of the vendors market the product you’re looking for.

Indoor sunglasses importers: retailers could buy from importers, or purchase directly from a foreign company. Prior to using this type of provider, it’s important to understand all the aspects of the paperwork, shipping period, product life cycle and all expenses involved.

Wholesale sunglasses distributors: distributors sell to retailers with little if any minimum purchase requirements, and often at slightly higher costs than those of these manufacturers.

To make sure the very best merchandise for your clients, assess each wholesale sunglasses vendor on factors like quality of the products, dependable delivery and superior customer service. This information can be accumulated through testimonials, marketing material or by simply asking the sales representative how they conduct business.

Additional factors to consider for wholesale sunglasses include: stability, cost, location, transport options, transport expenses, customer service, terms of sale, business hours, returned product, website and online buying.

Please see Part 3 to summer retailing of wholesale sunglasses.