Three Popular Methods To Open Third Eye Chakra

So that you can open third eye chakra which is also called the Ajan chakra indicator of wisdom, intuition and psychic power you can find basically three methods described below which will help you balance the next eye and extracts the benefits that such activation creates. These methods have been tried for centuries and have proven good to open third eye chakra.

1 . AUM Mantra Chanting:

AUM mantra uses the seed sound to open a certain centre. This sound influences that centre and causes that to activate and open. Sit up straight with your eyes shut down and chant out loud. Also concentrate on your centre chakra when you are making the AUM sound.

2 . Silver Hammer Gently tapping.

Second method to open third eye chakra is using another pattern of breathing technique. In this technique you split your inhalations into sixteen sniffs and with each sniff visualize a silver hammer tapping the centre of your respective forehead. But make sure that you keep the sniff so small that you will be able to make sixteen sniff to complete one inhalation but breathe in in one breath. Again repeat the process, you will soon sense your pineal gland decalcification chakra opening up slowly.

3. Different Nostril Breathing:

In third method you are required to close your current right nostril and take a deep breath from your left nostril. While you are doing it do not forget to visualize the breath travelling in right line from your nostril to the centre of your forehead. Today hold the breath and exhale it from your right nostril slowly. Now reverse the process and keep your left nostril closed inhale from the right nostril and then slowly breathe through the left.

It is recommended that when you start it initially relax on yourself and do not over do it as it is a very powerful workout and if you overdo it you will feel exhausted. Tend not to strain yourself and slowly increase your count.