1.6 billion people in the world live without any possibility of being connected to their national electricity grid.

The African continent is severely impacted by this, nearly 600 million people live without electricity and rely on fossil fuel lighting such as kerosene and candles which are expensive, cause pollution and are dangerous.

When the sun sets, their lives are plunged into darkness and they have to rely on candles and kerosene lamps. This form of lighting, powered by fuel, is dangerous and the quality of light emitted is very mediocre.

Kerozene is one of the most commonly used energy sources, And not only does it pollute the atmosphere, but also the people who are exposed to it.

The use of proper lighting is a basic need for everyone and O’SUN® understands this and is working to develop a range of portable light systems which can be used as an alternative to the fuel-based lighting.

O'SUN® changes people's life

The sales generated in industrialized countries allowed us to provide solar lamps to communities that do not have electricity. These operations are directly funded from sales of our products in industrialized countries, and thereby each person who buys one of our lamps also contributes to provide clean lighting to those who really need it.

Our projects are always conducted in the field by us in partnership with NGO’s that work on a daily basis with the population in terms of needs and will give us good following and feedback.

Part of the mission is also to educate the future users about the benefits of using the sun energy for lighting and how it will upgrade their health condition, education , security and economy.

We have, since 2012, operated 7 projects in 6 African countries : South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burkina Faso, Swaziland, Guinea Conakry, Mali.

Community projects

14.01.2015 - Cape Town South Africa

O'SUN® with the contribution of the BORLEE family allowed more than 6000 children to do their homework with light.

It is the fourth community project supported by O’SUN.

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