The Importance of Business Cards

Designing your business cards is difficult since you have so many elements to consider. To have an effective business cards design, you have to ensure that the business card must have all the necessary information required while averting these components to mess up the design. Here are some of these elements that you should think about including on your business cards:

O Your company, business or organization
Since it’s a business card, the title of the company or organization is nearly always included in the design. But as soon as a company logo is well known, a company might decide to de-emphasize the business name whether in size or in placement.

o Your name
The name of the person and the name of the company or business are two of the most obvious text elements of a business card. But unlike the name of the company or organization, not all of business cards will need to include the title of somebody. But it’s extremely helpful to the business card recipient to understand a specific title of this individual he must get in contact with once he makes the decision to contact your company.

o Logo
The same as the company name, your company logo is always utilized in business cards. It is one of the design components that help in establishing your company’s image.

o Company Tagline
You may include a tagline when it is part of your company image or company branding campaign. Additionally, a concise description of exactly what your organization does can be useful when your business comparatively fresh.

o Address
There are two different types of addresses which you can include in your business cards design – the physical address and a mailing address. If you decide to incorporate both the physical and the mailing address, it is a good idea to label which one is which. However, if your business cards singapore conducts business via the world wide web, you may opt to not include this detail in your own design.

o Phone Numbers
When listing different phone numbers, it’s normally in the sequence of voice, fax, phone. You should also contain the area and/or country codes in addition to the extension number, if necessary.

While standard practice ordered that the web addresses may be recorded without the http:// preceding the URL, it’s best to incorporate the http:// for the business cards to appear professional. Websites are an essential element for Web-based businesses. Adding an email address nevertheless may be omitted unless this is the preferred method of contact method.
O Job Title of Individual
The job name of somebody is another component that is not required to be included in your business cards. However, if your company is a large organization, it will be very helpful for the business card’s receiver to know just what division or department to locate you.

O List of Services or Products
A list of products or services should only be included in the rear of a standard business card or when you a re using a folded business card. A listing of services or products included at the front of the business card will only clutter up your design. But, acquiring a list of services provided or main product lines can extend the viability of the business cards design.