SAP – World leader in enterprise applications

SAP is German software application designed to work with ERP industry. SAP stands for Systems Applications and Products in data processing. This software is particularly designed to work as the centralized database for all industries.  Managing database of large warehouse becomes more efficient and reliable with this software application. As this software is designed with many modules of operation they are inevitable to know the functionalities with proper training before working on it. Also because of this customizable nature, IT industries prefer to choose this as the main objective platform. Most companies with huge warehouse use this for ETL of its data.

Systems Applications and Products in data processing

This market lead takes up more than 65% of market share in ERP industry. This platform is helpful in terms of software and its related revenues. More than 3,45,000 customers are present across 190 countries in various industries with one billion job opportunities for SAP professionals. Most of the MNC companies prefer this platform for ETL of their data. As per the survey, job opportunity for this application is high with best revenue. They can be implemented with 67 different languages.

Rate of data fed in SAP by customers

  • More than 65% by world television
  • 9 million tons by world cheese
  • 86% from world’s athletic footwear
  • 56% from world packages
  • 70% from world chocolates
  • 72% from leading industries
  • More than 77000 by automobiles per day
  • 50% of brand companies

Industry specific products

  • Mining
  • Banking
  • Media
  • Healthcare
  • Defense
  • Sports
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Automotive
  • Engineering, construction and operation

Career perspective

  • Consulting
  • Support
  • Project management
  • Sales
  • Training

Reason for fame

The reason for its popularity is its open architecture. Industries using it can work on it to create any software to meet its business requirement. Also they provide high level efficiency and accuracy. Major companies like HCL, IBM, Infosys, Capgemini, Deloitte, HP and Wipro use this product for their business activities.


To get in with a company that uses this tool checks for a trained professional to avoid flaws. ETL needs to be carried out with more focus to avoid future issues. Only professional can make the knowledge transfer with this tool. Many Online and regular courses are available for this training. Some of the benefits of taking this course are

  • Gives hand on experience to take up such software
  • Can absorb the methodologies and get practiced in SAP
  • Career can jump start with vast area

Thus taking up a course of this arena makes a drastic change with future.