Pocketlight is an affordable multi-situation compact solar lamp specially designed for an individual user allowing any tasks to be completed efficiently.



The "Pocketability" and simplicity of use makes it a useful task light in any situation such for emergency situations,power outages,camping or hiking.


It improves children's life in developing countries by giving them the opportunity to study during the evening hours and thus given them access to a better future.



PocketLight features a high efficiency integrated solar panel made from SunPower cells.

photovoltaic panel
Integrated 610mW SunPower solar cells

PocketLight uses the last generation of LifePO4 battery that allows up to 2000 complete recharges which is more than 5 years if you completely use it everyday.

PocketLight needs 6 hours* of sun to be charged and is optimized to be charged under artificial light.

*The charge time can vary depending on sun radiation.

PocketLight gives option between 3 light mode

up to 5h
up to 5 hours of bright light
@ 40 Lumens (100%)*
up to 10h
up to 10 hours of mid light
@ 20 Lumens (50%)*
up to 33h
up to 33 hours of soft light
@ 6 Lumens (15%)*

*As soon as the lamp battery needs to be recharged, the lamp will automatically switch to the 15% power and will still give you up to 2 hours of light.

PocketLight integrates ingenious features such as an emergency S.O.S flashing mode, a dedicated green LED to indicate when the lamp is in charge and a battery level indicator that can be control anytime.

PocketLight due to is attached 360° rotating clipper makes it the most versatile compact lamp ever made.

on the ceiling

PocketLight is weather resistant

weather resistant

PocketLight is available in 3 different colors

3 colors