Mfuleni - South Africa

Belgian track and field athletes BORLEE Kevin,Jonathan,Dylan,Olivia mobilize to help O'SUN® in it's fight to allow people to have access to light in Africa. They join us and installed NOMAD lamps in MFULENI township our new Community Project located at 30 km from Cape Town,South Africa.

Mfuleni,is a low income areas, called townships. The living conditions are in constant decline, due to high crime and unemployment rates, health problems and high population densities.The average income of a Mfuleni household lies is in the range of € 0-100/month. Housing is great problem there as nearly 40% of the community lives in informal shacks that lack water and electricity.

O'SUN® for this new community projects choose to work with Matchbox a Cape Town based non-profit organisation manage by Verena Grips aiming to improve the quality of life and learning for young children.

Matchbox design and build safe,inspiring play and learning spaces,which are also ecologically sustainable and meet government requirements.