Kaphunga Village-Swaziland

Kaphunga is a rural village in the Swaziland mountains situated at 900 meters above sea level. The village has a population of around 6000 people. Many of the inhabitants still practice a basic way of life, living in traditional rural homes and surviving off subsistence farming.

Electricity is something that the Swazi government, along with international financial aide, is trying to implement, however there are challenges.

In order to gain access to electricity, a family would have to make a downpayment of approximately 200 €, which is an unaffordable amount for many of the inhabitants. Over and above the downpayment, they are required to make monthly payments for purchase of power. The spend in the home goes to food as the primary need, leaving little or nothing left behind.

Many of the homes will remain without electricity for the coming years.

O’SUN® with the help of Myxo, who assisted us with identifying the need for lighting in this area, installed the first NOMAD solar lamps as part of our community project.

This would not have been possible without the precious support of Myxo who works in the tourism industry and offers home stays in Kaphunga. Visitors can get an insight into the daily lives of the Swazi people by participating in school and homestead visits. This can in turn create short term or long term employment.

With some of the profits generated, Myxo has been able to fund education for those who could not afford it, and open two community preschools.