How to Avoid Search Engine Traffic

There are four primary traffic routes resulting in your website: direct visit, website referral, paid advertising referral and search engine traffic.

How Each Traffic Route Works

A direct visit usually means that somebody already knew your web address (URL) and typed it into their browser. A website referral occurs when someone clicks on a hyperlink to your website from a different website. A paid advertising, on the other hand, is referral which occurs when someone clicks on an image or text advertising that you’ve paid for, contributing to your website. Finally, an internet search engine referral means that your site came up high enough on the rankings of a search site like Google or Bing for somebody to understand your website and click on the link.

There are various strategies for increasing the number of visits to your site via every traffic path. In the case of search engine website traffic, that approach could be search engine optimization. Of course, you’ll need to periodically check your site’s ranking to view how your efforts are progressing.

There are two chief ways to look at your rank: manual assess and automated check. Note: in both cases, you’re going to need to start with an inventory of 5-10 keywords for which you want your site to be rank well. Proper selection of these keywords is very important to your success, so select wisely! Okay, now on to the 2 methods for checking your ranking:

The first way is to conduct a manual check. To do that:

1. Launch on your browsers a top search engine website such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing or MSN.

2. Type in the initial keyword and start your search.

3. After the results appear, manually scan each page of their results. Normally, you will find 10 results per page. If you do not find your website on the first 10 pages, then that means your website isn’t within the top 100 ranks.

The second method is to conduct an automatic check working with any variety of accessible free or check google rank software. This functions the identical way, but it has a few advantages. To begin with, you can check your rankings on multiple search sites as once. Secondly, the positions are checked for you automatically, up to the first 200-500 positions (depending on the software you choose).