Evaton - South Africa

O’SUN® as part of the community project chose Evaton township, located 1 hour by road south of Johannesburg in South Africa, to be the first site in the country to be equipped with NOMAD solar lamps.

The majority of the Evaton population live in the very poorest of conditions and do not have the money to even pay for kerosene for their basic needs such as reading and studying and are plunged in total darkness when the sun disappears.

This action was made in partnership between O’SUN® and a local NGO called Save the Children and Mothers ; founded in 2009 by Berihun Mekonen Fetene with the help of Agnes & Obed Dlamini, pastors of a local church within the community (Evaton - Vaal Triangle).

The organization assists children who are destitute, as well as mothers who are struggling to provide food & clothing for themselves and their children. There are currently 80 children being fed by Save the Mothers and Children. For most of these children, the home-cooked meal that they receive is all they eat for the day. Volunteers prepare cooked meals, Mondays through to Fridays, using the facilities of a local church to both prepare the food and distribute the food.