08.07.2015 - Worldwide

Crowdfunding Campaign is Alive!

Be part of the " Buy one - Give one " campaign as our new solar lamp "Pocketlight" will start to be distribute in October 2015 to you and to our community projects. Pocketlight is the lamp to bring with you for your outdoors activity, trip or in your car. Now you can pre-order one Pocketlight and you will proudly donate the same lamp to someone in need in developing countries. Help us to change people's lives !

24.03.2015 - Dubai

O'SUN® participated at DIHAD in Dubai

O'SUN® have exhibited at the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development Conference & Exhibition (DIHAD) from March 24 to 26 in Dubai. This is one of the most important meetings of global humanitarian aid actors.

Held under the patronage of the Emir of Dubai, the conference took stock of the latest major humanitarian trends, bringing together the main UN agencies, governmental and non-governmental organisations, foundations, academics, media organisations and innovative companies operating in the humanitarian field.

12.03.2015 - Netherlands

O'SUN® is now an official GOGLA members!

O'SUN® have been confirmed as member of The Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA).It is a not-for-profit association created to promote lighting solutions that benefit society and businesses in developing and emerging markets.GOGLA acts as the industry advocate and supports the industry in growing and strengthening the market for clean, quality off-grid lighting and electrical systems.

14.01.2015 - South Africa

O'SUN® with the contribution of the BORLEE family provide light for more than 7000 childrens in Cape Town

O'SUN® with the precious support of the BORLEE family donated and also installed Nomad lamps that were offered to the organization Power Child Africa that assist underprivileged children from Mfuleni Township in Cape town in South Africa. No less than 150 NOMAD lamps were distributed which allows + 6,000 children to have light to do their home work and study.

24.06.2014 - United States


O'SUN® have been Awarded by an Honorable Mention in services Industrial Products for the entry titled, "NOMAD" The jury selected winners from over 500 entries from over 25 countries. The Green Dot Awards Honors Excellence in Innovative Environmental Projects, Products and Services. The Green Dot Awards strive to reward and promote forward-thinking businesses that create environmentally sustainable products or services and to reward revolutionary green business plans and proposals.

25.05.2014 - United Kingdom

O'SUN® CEO, Xavier Baudoux interview.

O'SUN® CEO, Xavier Baudoux has been interviewed by the AIDEX organization in prevision of the next event in November 2014 in Brussels. He explained what was the motivation for creating O'SUN® and also gave an exclusive news about a new product who will be present by end of the year.

15.01.2014 - mfuleni

The Belgian athletes family BORLEE give their help to O'SUN®.

Belgian track and field athletes BORLEE Kevin,Jonathan,Dylan,Olivia together with the French athlete Mamoudou Elimane Hanne mobilize to help O'SUN® in it's fight to allow people to have access to light in Africa. They join us and installed NOMAD lamps in MFULENI township our new Community Project located at 30 km from Cape Town,South Africa.

20.12.2013 - Guinea Conakry

O'SUN® designer Alain Gilles travelled to Guinea Conakry with a batch of NOMAD lamps to change people lives.

The prize money received from the Henry Van de Velde "Public Awards" was totally converted in NOMAD light.The lamps were donated and place to families in the village of domingya (near Boffa and 150 km from the capital) and th the President ives foundation.All the lamps were given through the Non Profit Organisation "Les Petits Anges de Guinée" who annually distributes donations to schools and orphanages.

15.04.2013 - Kolwezi

Belgian Association Objectif Ô and O’SUN® provide NOMAD solar lamp to an orphanage in DRC and change life of 200 Kids.

Objective Ô represented by Jean Denis Lejeune is currently in Congo in the Kolwezi region to take steps to provide drinking water and light to Papa Castro orphanage where 200 children are living without water and electricity. O’SUN® partner for that project gave NOMAD to replace the candles that are actually in use at the orphanage. At 18pm it’s already dark down there.

15.04.2013 - Milan

NOMAD won the WT AWARD 2013 – Quality Of Life in Italy.

NOMAD by O’SUN® among the final short list of 60 project from all around the world won the WT AWARD 2013 in Milan for the best technology product that improve the QUALITY OF LIFE. The ceremony taken place during the Design Week inside the Governor Palace.

07.03.2013 - Paris

Stunning customization of Nomad lamp by Jean-Paul Lespagnard for Paris fashion Show.

For the presentation of his collection at the Autumn/Winter 2013 Fashion Show in La Gaité Lyrique in Paris, Belgian fashion designer Lespagnard realized an amazing customization of our award-winning Nomad lamp designed by the famous Belgian designer Alain Gilles.