Best Time to Visit Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the lucky nations that benefit from its location just north of the Equator. It’s a great summer destination especially for North Americans and Europeans and an ideal place to visit for a beach walk. From your arrival at the tarmac to Car Rentals in Kuala Lumpur to planning a visit to ChinaTown; everything

Rain is often expected throughout the year but they come intermittently and this won’t have much impact on your fun. Some locations see more rain during September and October, such as the Penang on the west coast. At times such as this, you can visit Langkawi instead before visiting the white sand beaches of Perhentians and the beautiful mosques of Kuala Terengganu. January is the best time to visit Malaysia, especially if you want to be bathed in sunshine. The average temperature during this period sits at 30°C and it’s often the perfect time to check out the beaches of Langkawi.

From the Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur to the orangutans at Sepilok, there is so much you can experience when you visit Malaysia.

Aman Island in Penang sees a lot of sunshine all through the year. it’s a great place known for its fresh mantis prawns. This island is a mystery to most locals as it is so close to the bustle and hustle of Georgetown.

You can get there via a 5-minute boat ride. If you intend to drive down, you can check for car rental in Kuala Lumpur for the best offers that can take you from your hotel to this Island of Peace. Till date, this little island is considered a treasure trove that should be seen. You will get to experience the chilling and climbing to some of the highest hills to consume delicious endemic mantis prawns while soaking in the sun lining the shore.

Kampung Pulai is another location you can visit during the summer in Malaysia. History records Chinese Hakka traders that came into the jungles of Southern Kelantan some centuries back with the aim of digging up gold. They were surprised at what they found instead – a quiet river surrounded by a lush thicket and jagged limestone peaks. This setting was first seen in China’s Guangxi province known to the famous Yangshuo and termed the village Kampung Pulai. There are a Water and Moon temple adorning the village, one of the oldest in Peninsular Malaysia still stands till date, overlooking the river. There is a large limestone outcrop called Princess Hill where the ancient meditate in caves under the huge statue of Goddess of Mercy Kuan Yin. This is one location you can visit when you plan a trip to Malaysia.

Away from the steamy strawberries and veggies on lowlands, you can also thrive in the temperate climate in Cameron Highlands. This island is north of Kuala Lumpur and you will be greeted with breathtaking highlands.

Turning off the highway, you will move into the lofty mountains where there are tons of tea plantations and market gardens. Exploring the beautiful mountains will reveal a large market garden that opens up to forests and beautiful waterfalls.

This highland was mapped in 1885 by William Cameroon and it retains its quintessentially old English atmosphere till date. Walkers and other tourists interested in taking trails can visit this highlands which leads to lush scenery filled with lovely orchids and gorgeous birds. There is also a tribe village close to the mountains which you can visit and communicate with.